While walking my dog, I saw a grandma and her grandson at the park.  The little boy, probably 2 or 3, was calling to her; "Gramma, Gramma, see me slide".  "Gramma,  see? see?"  The grandmother was sitting on the bench, eyes glued to her phone.  He kept talking and running around trying different things to play on. Once in awhile she looked up and said, “Oh good,  that looks like fun,” and immediately went back to her phone.  She was not present with her grandson, she was a bystander seeing him from a distance.   As I watched, I wanted to yell at her, “WAKE UP!!  BEHOLD LIFE!  IT IS ALL AROUND YOU, SHOUTING FOR YOU TO SEE AND TO JOIN IN!! IT IS GLORIOUS!”  She missed the opportunity to see life through her grandson’s eyes…to experience the joy of being free and unburdened.  

Later that day I was at Panera and there sat a grandpa with a little boy, about the same age.  They barely talked to one another, but they were communicating deeply.  They made faces at each other, wiggled their noses, laughed, then silent again…and ate.  The grandpa was present. He experienced life through the eyes of his grandson… Not a bystander…The grandpa was beholding life.  And it was delightful to see.

Spirit God, I know so often I am distracted by so many things that I miss seeing you at work.  I miss out on life, on joy, on being with others.  I know you are calling to me… calling me to SEE!! to see your glory, to experience your love, to play and jump for joy and participate WITH you in life!  You are calling me to have intimate times with you…simply being together.  You call to me over and over, through nature, though others, through my family, my dog!  But so often I am like the grandma…too immersed in what I think is important…How much am I missing!!! How little I see!!! How little I hear!!! Oh God, I know you are present. I know you are present within me…I know your Holy Spirit is a fire within calling me to BEHOLD LIFE!  I know when I sit with you, when we simply …are together….as one…You and Me God… it is a place of peace and serenity and utter JOY!!!  It isn’t just about being mindful of life…of my interactions with others… of being there with my loved ones…. it is about being PRESENT WITH YOU!! It is about seeing life through YOUR EYES… experiencing life…the good and the hard, …through your love… Oh Divine glorious spirit…within me… that I so often ignore.  Let me be still, let me join you at the table of my heart and soul….and be together as one.  

Thank you for the reminder…to be present with you.. to behold life ….through you…because we are one…