My prayer chair must always be in view of a tree. I learn so much from seeing the branches reaching up, even twisting towards the sun, the roots, reaching deep into the earth, sucking up water and nutrients, taking in all life has to offer. At the same time the tree is providing a home and blessing to so many animals, from tiny insects, all sorts of birds, and squirrels. Trees are a source of joy to little people climbing them—trusting in their strength or swinging on a firmly attached to a steady branch. They are a source of peace and quiet to those resting in their shade. Their strong root never waver yet their branches wave with the breeze…almost in celebration. The leaves, clap in unison with the wind creating a relaxing melody and a beautiful sight and sound.

When I am rooted in my faith…my belief that the Divine is present within me and around me, I am able to receive the blessings and be a blessing….I am able to reach out my arms with joy and with giving….and delight in life....and share my delight with those around me.