Cut Glass

My prayer alter has a candle holder with cut glass.  Nothing expensive, I found it at a thrift store, but the glass is cut with geometric lines..stars, triangles…so as the light is reflected, it makes beautiful and intricate patterns. The light seems to dance within its container, creating new dimensions and shadows. The glass works in union with the candle, together creating a warming glow.  Together, they draw me into their light and the beauty.

The glass is a lot like my life, like everyone’s life. Life isn’t all smooth  There are cuts and edges throughout life due to pride, anger, selfishness. Our lives have often been cut by tragedy, abuse, and pain. And while our lives contain many moments of complete and utter joy, love and grace, it is through the jagged edges of life that God’s love and grace shines through to bring wholeness and beauty.  Those are often the times when we feel closest to God, and those are certainly the times that God uses us to reflect God’s beauty and transformative power with others. Accepting the cuts and edges instead of hiding them or running from them, allows the Light of God to dance.

If I tried to hide the edges and cuts, and present my life as all smooth, God’s love would certainly still shine,  but it is through the  brokenness of life, the jagged edges I sometimes try to hide or smooth out, that can beautifully reflect the loving, merciful light of God. Spirit and I can work together to draw others to God’s light and love.

Thank you, Oh Wonderful Creator, for creating beauty out of the cuts and edges of our lives.   Thank you for sustaining us during those times, and for the courage to accept our life as it is, because it is beautiful indeed.