Oh God, creator of life and love…. thank you for the gift of two birds visiting my screened in porch. The outer door sometimes doesn’t close and if Iam not careful, a space is left as an open invitation to creatures of the world to enter. The little sparrows were most likely seeking warmth from the cold, an escape, a refuge, and they thought the eaves within the porch would offer freedom from the wind, the chill in the air, and the snow.  Little did they know that if they remained, they would be unable to gather food and sustenance, and their refuge would only lead them to ultimate death. Oh God how they fought my attempts to rescue them!  They flittered and panicked, flying from one screen to the next, knocking over and breaking some of my decorations in the process.  

I propped open the door and tried to guide them out, only to increase the panic and speed of their flight.  They would fly from one side of the porch to the other…flying right past the door to freedom.  They could not see, could not notice, could not understand that it was their only path to to life.  After leaving them alone, one bird managed to find the doorway of escape, but the other remained for hours.  Whenever I went out, I heard it fluttering within the eaves, and again I would try to guide it to freedom only to increase its dismay.  I finally left the porch door open, hoping no other birds and critters might join it in its search for warmth.  After leaving it alone, the bird must have found the doorway.  For finally after checking the eaves, no bird was found.  

I know I am like those birds sometimes….fluttering in panic….going here and there in search of life…unable to find the path to freedom…to love…to peace, to You, God. What can the birds teach me?  What lesson were they trying to make me see?

Oh my beloved Sue…. yes you are like the birds…so focused on what you think you need/want…you try to find refuge in things other than Me….Sometimes in relationships, in achievements, in places you think are safe but in reality only lead to death…death of your spirit and death to your unique and authentic self. I try to guide you to the Truth, the truth in Christ and my love for you that makes you complete, gives you LIFE….but you panic and flutter around,  going all different directions except thru the doorway of Love and Freedom.  But you were patient with the birds, and I am patient with you…. When you relax, when you are still, when you are not focused on yourself, but allow me to open your eyes and your spirit to truly see… you are drawn to that door…..and you experience true warmth, true freedom, true Life.  

And yes, you will again enter into the porch…into situations where you forget, and you will again struggle, …and panic…and go elsewhere for sustenance.  But I will remain, the door will always be propped open, for you to return to Me….and I will welcome you with wings of love, open and ready to embrace you and hold you.