Patched Walls and Finding Peace

I wanted to have some rooms painted in my home but the walls needed to be repaired first.  There was fake brick on one wall —it  served a purpose at some time and I’m sure looked OK when the room was used as a nursery, but it was peeling away, was damaged by moisture, and now looked ugly. It served no purpose. Other walls had old peeling wallpaper that now I know was put up to cover holes in the wall.  The first person that came out to do the work made a terrible mess pulling down the fake brick.  He probably did more damage because he was trying to do it quickly and just ripped it down.  The mess actually made me sick due to all the dust.

A second man came out and took his time.  He patiently patched holes, sealed cracks, put mud on the walls, and gently sanded them so they were smooth.  It took much longer than he anticipated and he said he had never seen walls like mine before.  When the repairs were complete he painted the rooms and now they are simply beautiful.  Shimmering with new color…the rooms look wonderful and I want to spend time in them.  They now feel like home.

Oh God, during this process you showed me that the walls are like my life—and finding peace and beauty…finding you, God…has been messy.  I have had so many false gods, false loves, walls of protection, worldly desires that had to come down. Sometimes I thought I knew the answer to my pain but just like the first man that carelessly ripped down the fake brick, what I thought was the answer just caused more pain.   I had to have them completely taken down…completely given up in order to see you clearly and to experience your love and beauty.  But you have been so gentle…and have taken your time.  It has taken much longer than I wanted, and I know there is still patchwork to be done…but the more I allow you to do your work in my life, the more I surrender to you, the more I can see your beauty…the shimmer of your love…and want to spend time with you. I want to spend my life with you. You have made my life, once so painful and lonely, into something truly beautiful.  Thank you, Lord.

I invite you to use the meditation time to allow God to do some mending in your life. Let God expose all that keeps you from Him and allow him to do his work.  Consider what work he has already done and be in praise for your new life with God.