Finding God in All Things

I had an amazing day.  The power was out in my neighborhood and there was a steady and hard rain. I spent the morning in quiet reflection and meditation- centering on the love God/Creator/Jesus has shown me throughout my life. I meditated on the pain I was able to endure only because of the Holy, I thoughtof all the love I have been gifted through family and friends.  I became grateful for each breath and each day that has been given to me,  all the joys, the heartache, the confusion that has lead me to thisplace where I welcome the Mysterious Divine Spirit of God, of Jesus, of Love into my heart with a tight embrace. I decided to take a walk in the rain.  As I was walking, with a heart of love and gratitude, I saw God, Jesus and Spirit in every drop, every glistening leaf, every bird call, every color, every puddle. The world was shining with radiance. I experienced the Holy Mystery,  feeling incredibly blessed, grateful and full of joy. My joyful tears mingling with the rain drops.

Yet the next day, I felt nothing.  In truth, I felt grumpy.  I was once again bound to the earth.  I am indeed human.  But when I have such tastes of God’s glory and love, I long for more…and realize I need to DECIDE.  Decide to spend time with God, to SIT with the Divine Mystery, to INVITE and EMBRACE the presence of God.  

Yes, life is busy and hectic, hard and can be incredibly painful.  But each day, each moment I have a choice.  I can choose to be bound to the earth, to my Self and my pain, or I can let go and release my Self…so I can seek, see and experience God.  Life must go on, tasks must be accomplished, chores done, but I can choose to seek God in the midst of those activities, looking to see and experience God in the midst of everything and anything. Because God is There.  Jesus is There, Spirit is There….in the middle of the muck.  In the middle of the mundane, in the middle of the celebrations, in the middle of ALL.