Soaking Up the Divine Spirit

I want to wear sleeveless shirts this summer but seem to have a permanent tan line from short sleeve tops.  So, I sat out in the sun today. Soaking up the rays, ultraviolet radiation. Although I can’t see these particles of energy, I knew they were there, knew they were powerful, and knew that they would change me….at least change the color of my white skin.  The sun’s energy wouldn’t simply cover my whiteness, they will change the chemical reactions in my body,  make me look different, and if I stay out too long…make me feel different in a painful way!

It was a gentle reminder of the need to Sit with You God….to Sit and Soak up the Divine Energy…the Divine Spirit, the Holy Spirit. But first I must TRUST that the Divine Spirit is present…within and without…an unseen yet life changing energy.  Then I must make the CHOICE to do it, to stop what easily occupies my life and return to You, the Source.  I must give myself TIME……to sit with the Spirit.. to be still and to listen instead of running to my next task…. I must make myself VULNERABLE…uncovering my pride, my anxiousness, my depression, my loneliness..whatever emotion or feeling I am clothing myself with at the time.  And finally I must WAIT…allowing the Spirit Energy to work within me, to begin to change me…The results aren’t usually immediate, I must be patient.

The result?  Gradually a deeper communion with God, the removal of my resentments, my anger, my judgements and the gift of  greater peace… more meaningful relationships, and richer love.  I know this.  I have experienced it, yet there are so many times when I don’t DO it!  Why is it so much easier to stay busy, to stay worried and hassled, to keep going and going and going…than it is to SIT and SOAK UP THE DIVINE?  

Thank you, Creator, for the gift of your Spirit…that is within me —and around me—and is ready to change me, to better me, to envelop me and love me.  Thank you for simple reminders like today…that the more time I spend soaking up the Divine, the closer I am to You, and there is Nothing I want more.