About We Spy God*

Why did I create We Spy God?

Sometimes life is hard.  Bad things happen. Tragedies occur.  Sometimes it is hard to see God in life.  Where is a loving God when unloving things happen?

Sometimes we are simply busy.  Too busy.  We work, we play, we take care of our families and friends, we relax. we socialize.  We don’t take the time to see God in the midst of our busyness.

Sometimes we are in awe.  We see a fragment of the beautiful creation and we see evidence of God’s hand at work, but we simply can’t put it into words.  Not words our children can understand. Not words that fully express what is on our hearts.

Sometimes our humanness gets in the way of seeing God.  When life is good and we are content, we give credit solely to ourselves or others, hiding the power and gifts of God behind our pride.

Often, children can spy God where adults can’t.  They look with innocent and eager eyes, not yet blinded by disappointment or expectations.  

This is a website to help individuals and families see God together, not only in creation but through relationships, daily events, and even tragedy.  My hope is that by seeing God in these pictures and by submitting your own pictures, our viewers will be able to see God more clearly in their own lives, and share their visions with others.

* The God, god, GOD of your own understanding.

Where do YOU spy God?

Sue Fletcher